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Bold and brassy one minute and devastatingly sincere the next, Lizzo is an artist that defies easy definition. She’s a gifted rapper, a hair-raising gospel singer, a razor-sharp wordsmith, a classically trained flautist, and a passionate advocate for feminism and black empowerment. She’s a hard-touring road warrior who is equally capable of winning over audiences in London, Paris, New York, and her hometown of Minneapolis. She’s hilarious. She’s sweet. But don’t be fooled: She’ll also eat you alive. Nice Life Recording Company & Atlantic Records artist, Lizzo made her label debut with upbeat smash “Good As Hell,” which is featured on the official soundtrack for, “BARBERSHOP: THE NEXT CUT.” Widely acclaimed for her powerhouse vocal skills and equally potent lyrical message, Lizzo made her stellar debut in 2013 with “LIZZOBANGERS,” earning international applause from such media outlets as Time, which named Lizzo to its “14 Bands and Artists To Watch” list, hailing her as “an inventive and outside- the-box emcee.”

“BIG GRRRL SMALL WORLD” followed in 2015, affirming Lizzo as an iconic contemporary rapper and hip hop force of nature. Recorded in Fall Creek, WI, the album was named one of SPIN’s “50 Best Hip Hop Albums of 2015” after earning praise around the planet. Perhaps Paste summed it up best, applauding Lizzo’s “unfettered experimentalism” and adding, “Hip hop needs a strong female voice today – one that matches the pop magnetism of Beyoncé, but with the political and social awareness of Killer Mike…Lizzo seems primed and ready to fill that spot.”